Club History

 The Birth of The Pekin Bantam Club of NSW – Incorporated into The Pekin Bantam Club of Australia Inc.

The Pekin Bantam Club of NSW had a very modest beginning.  A casual remark of one fancier early in 1954 led to the initial meeting being held on April 13, 1954 to which four fanciers attended, Messrs J. Deveraux, B. Owens, R. Lindsay & R. Windsor. Owing to work commitments, Mr E. Polle was unable to attend but intimated his willingness to assist in anyway possible.  The Club was duly formed. It was decided as Mr Polle made the original suggestion to form the club, he should be considered a foundation member.

The original executive officers were: President; Mr J Deveraux, Hon. Secretary/Treasurer; Mr R. Windsor, who are incidentally the only foundation members still with the Club.  However, in fairness, it must be said promotion in business life and the extra pressure of work rather than lack of interest, has caused the other three to be lost to the club.

Through publicity I received many enquiries about membership, and in two years membership had grown to approximately 50 with members from North Queensland, through New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and 2 in New Zealand.

Like most new Clubs, we too had what may be called “Teething troubles” one of course being finance and the availability of holding the first show.  (Extracted from R. Windsors’ “Comments”)    (Continued in our Handbook) 


Roy Windsor was by far one of the most untiring workers and supporters of the Pekin Bantam Club of NSW, right from its inception in 1955 until he passed away prior to 1974. Roy was an identical twin and during his very active life he was involved as a local lay preacher in the Methodist Church.  Roy joined the Air Force at Williamtown and was eventually in charge of the Officer’s Mess.

Roy dedicated his time also to the Bantam Club of Newcastle and the Newcastle Poultry Society.  The job of Secretary of the Pekin Bantam Club of NSW was Roy’s responsibility during the Club’s early beginnings.

In 1957, he won the coveted award of Opposite Sex Grand Champion Pekin at the clubs Annual Show.

By the long time members, Roy will be remembered most by his untiring efforts in the production of the Club’s First Bulletin which began to put our Club to the fore.

Sydney Fancier’s success

“Article from the Australasian Bird Lover, September 1957,
the Magazine that was the official publicity paper of the day for the Club”

The Pekin Bantam Club of NSW was formed in 1955 with the object of fostering and improving the Pekin breed and by so doing assist and encourage the newcomers to this fancy.

This club showed in conjunction with the Bantam Club of Newcastle for two years staring in 1955 and 1956 the Championship of NSW , while in the later year also holding an All Pekin Show, their first attempt.

On July 27 and 28 1957 at Newcastle Showground the above Club held its 2nd Annual Show for Pekins, this year’s being for Championships of NSW, and receiving an excellent entry of over 300 exhibits, covering all colours. The Show was declared by fanciers who from as far away as 400 miles distant and from Sydney and surrounding areas, to have been the best conducted Show that they have seen. Interesting features were the fact that officers had cards on the exhibits, and prize money ready to hand to exhibitors on completion of judging, an effort of no mean achievement and a credit to a very efficient and hard working committee.

Exhibits had come from South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, country areas of New South Wales, Sydney and Newcastle as well. The staging of the exhibits throughout was creditable and included many outstanding birds, which competed for prizes to a value of 94 pounds and six fine trophies.

At a very successful social on the Saturday night, attended by a large gathering of members and friends, winners were presented with their trophies, and the Judge Mr. Ian Benson from Maclean, NSW, gave a complete report on his judging, explaining in a most thorough manner the merits and demerits of the various awards.

Champion of the Show was annexed by well-known and successful exhibitor S.J. Burrows with a white Pekin pullet, a very fine specimen, being shown for the first time. This bird collected sixteen pound and one shilling for its owner in cash prizes as well as his trophies. Mr. Burrows entered eleven birds in the show and took out thirty one pound, six shillings and sixpence in cash prizes as well as five other trophies, which is an indication of the potential this show offers the exhibitor.

Judge, member and officers of the Club Social 1957
(left to right)Messrs E.Stallard, R.Winsor, Ian Benson (judge), J. Burrows (Vice President),  W. Dickson & J. Devereaux (President)
1955 Champion N.S.W.                                               A. Franklin’s Black Pekin Hen
1956 Champion, 1st All Pekin Show                                   E. Stallard’s Black Pekin


1957 GRAND Champion of Show                                                S.J. Burrow’s White Pekin Pullet